Carey G. Butler
"Be the harmony"


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Knowledge Representation, Wisdom, Insight, Learning, and Understanding
Heuristics at work toward an integral science that evolves itself beyond the priesthood that Science has become.


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I compose music and enjoy delving into boundary logic, metalogic, philosophy, statistics, integral science, hyperbolic geometry, category theory, group theory, as well as vortex and holor mathematics. I also enjoy creating computer graphics.
I have been in IT for over 30 years (more than half of which, self-employed).
I am Irish, Scottish, and 1/8 native American (Inuit).
My current project is the creation of knowledge representation examples and programs.
These can be found at the web site:
This is my life's work and, among many other things involving knowledge representation, I am creating frameworks for the representation of massive amounts of knowledge. This project is now going to market.
Dedication: To the brilliant souls that have taken part in this holon called humanity (many of whom are among us right now). It is in their tradition of creation and discovery that my life is dedicated and guided.
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